You are the first beam of light that breaks the horizon as the sun begins to rise.

Hello lovelies! I chose to start with an affirmation so that we can all know that we are light, we are beauty, and we are worthy of awe. Welcome to Early Mornings With The Sun.

My name is Alexis.

I am woman.

I am black.

I am young.

Like many of my fellow millennials, I graduated college with a liberal arts degree. I started an entry level job that does not make me happy, nor does it motivate me. I have begun to rethink my purpose and place in life. I have created this blog to archive my process of living the life I want. I hope that my posts will inspire you to begin to think about the life you want to live. I hope to inform you of different life tips that I learn along my way dealing with topics of self love/care, romance, relationships, career advice, social issues, and other topics that touch my heart.

The title, Early Mornings With The Sun, came to me while enjoying a bath and listening to one of my playlists. It’s from a verse in Skyline by FKJ. I am a morning person. I love waking up right before the sun rises so I can experience all of its beauty. Mornings are the most inspiring time of the day for me. The sunrise represents a new beginning, a daily renewal. This blog is here to keep me accountable for the renewal that I am doing in my life.

Follow my journey as I cultivate a life of adventure, joy, and love.

*Photo taken by Ashley Rhame. Check out her website.

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