I lost my favorite earring in Detroit

The other week, I was given the opportunity to visit the city of Detroit. I came here for a conference but during my free time I had the chance to explore the city. It was a diverse city with so much to do. If you want to go to a bar but also ride a bike you can do that. I enjoyed strolling the city and appreciating the blend of neo-gothic and modern architecture and the street art. There were so many festivals and outdoor events going on. The midwest has attracted me ever since I fell in love with Chicago. And I must say, Detroit did not disappoint.

After and exciting evening of running the streets and admiring all of the murals I returned to my hotel. I began preparing for bed. As I was removing my jewelry I realized, one of my earrings had fallen out of my ear. I began to search my room frantically; this was my favorite pair of earrings that I like to wear with most outfits. After I dumped my bag out and the sadness started to rise… then suddenly I stopped. I stopped looking for the earring. I instead wondered where I left it. I wondered which mural it was near. I wondered if it was in Buddy’s Pizza, where I tried Detroit-style pizza or Coney Island where I had my first coney dog. I wondered if it was near the river walk where I waved to Canada. Was it in the Lyft car of the retired Houston Astro’s player? Or was it in the Lyft car of the fellow with all the short cuts who had the strongest Detroit accent I had heard? Perhaps it was in the Division Street Boutique where I learned that Detroit Hustles Harder? I hoped that it would become a part of The Heidelberg Project or left among the art of Dabls Mbad African Bead Museum. Wherever it may be, I am glad it has found a new, welcoming home.

Detroit has given me memories that I will never forget. I’m happy to have left a part of me in Detroit. I hope these photos inspire you to visit Detroit.

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