My Quarter Life Crisis, Part One: Acknowledging My Unhappiness

When I graduated college, I thought I was going through the dreaded Quarter-Life Crisis. I’d graduated with a Liberal Arts and Human Services degree, but I did not yet have a job. Determined to find something, I knocked on several doors of opportunity. I applied to teaching programs and different residency programs where my role would “make a difference.” I started several applications to teach … Continue reading My Quarter Life Crisis, Part One: Acknowledging My Unhappiness

Balance: Negative Space

In photography, negative space is the area that amplifies the positive space, which is the subject or focal point in a picture. This space is frequently in the background where nothing exists. When we first look at a photograph, negative space is not always the focal point because it makes the subject stand out. And while we call it “negative space”, its effects are positive … Continue reading Balance: Negative Space

My Soul

My soul is old enough to be wise. She has protected me over time. My soul is still youthful with how it sees the world. She approaches things with curiosity. She loves herself. She is feminine and sensitive. She is dominant. My soul often grows restless and longs for adventure. But she appreciates solitude. My soul gives love to others. She can be fearful of … Continue reading My Soul

Twenty Five. Twenty Fine.

During this past Memorial Day weekend, I conquered new a milestone in life. I turned 25 (shout out to my fellow Gemini’s). I spent my birthday strolling the streets of my favorite city, Chicago. (I’ll have a post about Chicago coming soon). Birthday celebrations continued throughout the week and ended with a trip to VA Beach for a Chance the Rapper concert. Now that I have … Continue reading Twenty Five. Twenty Fine.

Believing in Our Own Power

“Woke up this morning with my mind set on loving me” – Jamila Woods, Holy I use music to help me get through the workweek. Last week, I found myself listening to Jamila Woods’s new song Holy on repeat. Her lyrics were soothing and affirming. I was asked if I thought I was self-confident. My first thought was of course but I knew that was not true. So … Continue reading Believing in Our Own Power